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    Access any of our courses from anywhere! Our self paced courses allows you to go through the material as quickly or as slowly as you need.

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    Taught by Katherine Davidson, CTC, CSAT and Fear-Free Certified dog trainer.

  • Reward-Based Methods

    Effective, science-based training techniques that you and your dog will love!

Everything You Need To Train Your Puppy

Our self paced course comes fully stocked with video training tutorials and guides covering everything from leave it, leash skills, stay and tricks to how to socialize, handle puppy biting, house training and alone time training!

Reward Based Dog Training

Simple, Effective and Fun!

We designed our courses to be simple, using easy to follow plans and step by step tutorial videos to give you all the tools needed to be set up for success!
Reward Based Dog Training

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  • Simple, user friendly platform!

  • Step by step training to guide you through the exercises

  • Access the videos and handouts from anywhere, at any time!

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When purchasing one of our courses, you will receive life time, on demand access! You can go through the material at your pace, stress free from deadlines!


from our students

Puppy Life Skills

Nadia F.

The Puppy Life Skills course is a great resource for new puppy parents. It’s complete, easy to follow, and I find the Facebook Group for support is very useful. Katherine is wonderful in the instruction videos. I highly recommend it.


  • What training methods are used?

    We use reward based training methods that are humane and science based. We do not recommend the use of force, fear or pain while training animals.

  • Are the courses only for puppies?

    All courses, even the Puppy Life Skills course is suitable for dogs of every age!

  • What do I need to take one of the courses?

    Each course contains downloadable PDF handouts, as well as step by step tutorial videos. All you need is a decent internet connection and a device such as a computer, tablet or smart phone.

  • What if I need 1-on-1 support?

    We are available for virtual consultations. You can send us an e-mail here to book:

  • What currency are the prices?

    In Canadian dollars.

  • I'm not 100% sure about online training... tell me more.

    Online training means you get access to a qualified trainer, no matter where you live. In my experience, it has also allowed our clients to take on the training and build a solid bond with their dog. Our courses include PDF handouts if you need a checklist to follow or written instructions, as well as step by step tutorial videos. No matter how you learn, we got you covered.



Katherine Davidson

Katherine worked for the Montreal SPCA and the Humane Society International. Katherine graduated from the Academy For Dog Trainers (CTC) in 2017 and continued her education to become a certified separation anxiety trainer with Malena DeMartini (CSAT) in 2019.