Everything You Need To Train Your Puppy

Our self paced course comes fully stocked with video training tutorials and guides covering everything from leave it, leash skills, stay and tricks to how to socialize, handle puppy biting, house training and alone time training!

We're here to help!

  • Does your puppy bite your hands and clothing?

  • Are you having a tough time getting them used to being alone?

  • Are you struggling with all the conflicting information that you find on google?

Course curriculum

  • 2

    Creating Good Habits Early

  • 3

    Week One

    • Drop it

    • Body Handling

    • Leash Skills

    • Trick: Spin!

    • Socialization Challenge - Week 1

    • Week 1 Homework PDF

  • 4

    Week Two

    • Prevention: Food Aggression

    • Watch me

    • Sit and Down

    • Trick: Middle!

    • Socialization Challenge: Animals

    • Introducing friends

    • Week 2 Homework PDF

  • 5

    Week Three

    • Touch

    • Prevention: Toy Aggression

    • Leave it! Part One.

    • Socialization Challenge: Objects

    • Week 3 Homework PDF

  • 6

    Week Four

    • Come!

    • Anti-Jumping

    • Stay on a mat

    • Leave it! Part Two.

    • Week 4 Homework PDF

    • Socialization Challenge: Places

  • 7

    Puppy Health

    • Puppy Diet and Exercise

    • When to see a veterinarian

    • FAQs Medical

  • 8

    Behaviour help!

    • Body Language

    • Puppy Biting

    • House training

    • Barking

  • 9

    Alone Time Training

    • Video

    • Alone Time Training Log

    • Crate training

Love from our students:

5 star rating

Amazing course!

Alexa Fauteux

This course helped us out so much with Bella! We were able to go at our own pace, and really loved having the videos to guide us, but then the printable tool...

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This course helped us out so much with Bella! We were able to go at our own pace, and really loved having the videos to guide us, but then the printable tools & resources to use for "homework" and progress tracking. Would 100% recommend, especially with the pandemic, we loved being able to do thisall from the comfort of our home!

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Our goal is to help you live a long, and happy life together!

The first year is a big one in your puppy's development. They are learning about their world and how to happily live with you. Our Puppy Life Skills course will provide you with lots of information on raising your puppy, creating good habits early and troubleshooting where you need help.
Puppy Life Skills

Get started on your puppy's life skills today!


  • Is there an age cut off for this puppy course?

    Nope! Even with older puppies, or adult dogs who are beginner learners, you will benefit from this course!

  • Help! My puppy bites me all the time!

    This topic is covered in the course in detail. You can also ask questions in our private facebook group or book a consult to work 1 on 1 with Katherine!

  • Do I really need this for my puppy, or can I just train them later?

    The sooner you start creating good habits, the better. We have a small window for socialization which definitely takes priority during this time. Our course covers important life skills including how to socialize your puppy.

  • How does this compare to in person classes?

    In person classes can be a fantastic opportunity for socialization and practicing skills in a distracting environment. You and your puppy can definitely benefit from an in person group class, and our online course will make a great addition to your journey. Our course is the a valuable reference with the videos, handouts and training methods.

Meet Your Instructor


Katherine Davidson

Katherine worked for the Montreal SPCA and the Humane Society International. Katherine graduated from the Academy For Dog Trainers (CTC) in 2017 and continued her education to become a certified separation anxiety trainer with Malena DeMartini (CSAT) in 2019.